Eve Ferret - The Sweet Life - 1998 Fellini tribute by Nick McCann

Synopses: Rich, a young soap opera director, is dismissed. Introduced by his landlady Ruby and her dope-smoking husband Herb into a fantasy world where anything can happen, Rich decides to take revenge on Max, the executive producer.

Roy Hudd heads a strong ensemble in this surreal East Anglian tale of a struggling seaside soap opera director and his inspiration, the Italian 'maestro' film director, Federico Fellini. Filmed in Great Yarmouth, Gorleston-on-sea & Rome.
The third broadcast film by artist, Nick McCann.

Eve Ferret character: Ruby

Film information:
Writer, Director: Nick McCann
Lighting Cameraman: Ian Liggett
Art Director: Nicola Tarr
Producers: Ian Vasey & Geoffrey Bond
Original music: Dominique Le Gendre
Trailer Editor: Theo Leeds
ŠAnglia Television/ITV/Arts Council of Great Britain

Roy Hudd as Herb
Eve Ferret as Ruby
Padraig Casey as Rich
Mary Tamm as Trish
Malcolm Tierney as Max
George Murcell as Maestro
Mark Northover as Maestro's assistant
Vicky Lee (Victoria Eisermann) as Rich's dream girl
and with Lenka Lanci, Harry & Jean Toseland & Geoffrey Bond. Special Guest Appearance by Richard Hall as Surprisingly Useful.


Eve Ferret - The Sweet Life 1998
Scene from The Sweet Life 1998 with Eve Ferret
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Eve Ferret - The Sweet Life - 1998