PUNCHLINES - 1984-1985

Eve Ferret Punchlines - 1983-84 Synopses: It was basically a Saturday night memory game with each celeb having their own punchline and our plucky contestants trying to remember which celebrity would give the right punchline to a joke read out by Mr Lennie "Jumper" Bennett. Each correct match meant points, and the first of the two players to get 150 points went onto the final round.

Eve Ferret character: Herself (in 4 episodes: #3.9, #5.5, #5.12, #5.15)

TV series information:
Country: UK
Language: English
Release Date: 3 January 1981 (UK)
Production Co: London Weekend Television (LWT)

Lennie Bennett (Host),Patti Gold, Joe Brown, Rose-Marie, Gary Wilmot...