NO PLACE LIKE HOME - It's Only Your Father - 1984

Eve Ferret - No Place Like Home - TV series 1984 Synopses: Arthur and Beryl Crabtree feel they have earned some peace and quiet after 24 years of bringing up their four boisterous kids. One by one their offspring pack up and leave home, and their dreams of quiet are coming true at last. But it's just a false alarm as each of the young ones' plans fall through, They all end up back home with mum and dad, and somehow the Crabtrees end up with more kids than they started out with. Arthur and Beryl realise that parenthood can be a life sentence.

Eve Ferret character: Tina

TV series information:
Producer: Robin Nash
Country: UK
Language: English
Release Date: 13 December 1983 (UK)
Genres: Comedy
Production Co: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

William Gaunt (Arthur Crabtree), Patricia Garwood (Beryl Crabtree), Martin Clunes (Nigel Crabtree), Dee Sadler (Tracy Crabtree), Stephen Watson (Paul Crabtree), Beverly Adams (Lorraine Codd), Michael Sharvell-Martin (Trevor Botting), Marcia Warren (Vera Botting), Eve Ferret (Tina), Daniel Hill (Raymond Codd), Barry Woolgar (Edward Hackett), Liz Crowther (Elsie), Ivor Danvers (George), Rosemary Frankau (Mrs. Crump), Nicholas McArdle (Mr. Crump), Erica Lynley (Nadia), Andrew Tourell (Anthony), Madeleine Newbury (Mrs. Brown), John Barron (Mr. Wilberforce), Erika Hoffman (Sandra), Cindy O'Callaghan (Irene), Russell Brook (Man dancing at party), Lynn Clayton (Melanie), Lucy Durham-Matthews (Fiona), Colin Edwynn (Mr. Benson), Vanessa Lee Hicks (Party Girl), Jemma Churchill (Lesley), Ronny Cush (Anthony)